Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curried Breaded Chicken

Trying to take a healthy approach for the next month we sort of depended on take out for awhile with this internship going on. Chicken has been our go to ingredient for dinners lately and this one came out amazing for looking so plain Jane! Its so fragrant too! We just got about 6 inches of snow which caused schools to be closed yesterday :[ So I had a day of fun meal planning and came up with an absurd  recipe using my rice cooker for... meat. >> Not so sure how it will come out but I think it will be somewhat like a pressure cooker only slower and fill the apartment with wonderful smells.
You'll need to make the breading which is:
2 tbsp flour
1 1/2 -2 tbsp curry powder (to your taste really)
Salt and pepper
3 tbsp italian seasoned bread crumbs
Take chicken breasts and slice up into pieces make sure to get that tough white tendon out of there no one wants to chew that for 5 minutes.
Coat your chicken pieces thoroughly and melt butter in a pan

Cook on medium heat until pieces brown on one side then flip over and do the same. Its about 3 minutes each side.

I had mine with some white rice and steamed broccoli. Slowly trimming some weight off here lol... BTW Yoplait whipped yogurts. You need to buy some and freeze them its 120 calorie treat like ice cream only better for you, it's tricked me into thinking I'm having ice cream hahahaa

The chicken is great as a left over with the tiny pieces I put them on crackers and melted cheese on top very tasty.

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