Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm so sorry I haven't been updating at all lately! I haven't abandoned my food blog I just have two major parts of my life coming up (my Papa Louie is dying ((this is my first)) and I'm finishing up my internship and I have a billion papers to write and it's all due April 1. I have been cooking and taking pictures so once I am done April 15 you will see so much more of me, I'll drive you crazy. I have been goofing around with blind baking (I came up with this lol) which is not using a recipe and not knowing what to use and add together and taking a guess at the degrees and time LOL. Its been terribly funny and very fail-tastic. I had one good cake and it was a box mix.
I see a few of you have been frequently checking back, don't give up! Also I need to get a new camera, my 8 yr old one's cord has live wires sticking out of it and I have to shift it around for it to connect to the computer. I guess it's time I got a new one anyway.... I hate change!!!!!
To make all of you out there chuckle, I bought this adorable pastel colored easter egg holding ferris wheel. What a long description, but hey, it's what it is! I boiled up 8 eggs and then proceeded to put one randomly on to see if it would actually hold my egg and as I released it I heard Jon holler "NO YOU NEED A COUNTER WEIGHT" and reaching for me. Which had me with a frowny face at him and what I realized just happened. The darn egg flopped right out and smashed the table haha. So I, the dumb bunny, decided it was my fault and not the ferris wheel's, and I placed two eggs on the bottom two holders and held still to make sure I didn't disturb them too much. Well They just flipped and cracked. I realize now it was just a decoration or to hold fake eggs in. WASTE OF MONEY :[

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