Friday, December 24, 2010

Fried Chicken Wings

I bought all my gifts like 2 1/2 weeks ago and decided to buy myself a mini deep fryer for $34, I've been wanting one for a few years now and I honestly didn't think I once hinted to anyone that I did. Well turns out apparently I complain about not having a deep fryer every time I watch something get fried on Food Network LOL. I never actually thought I voiced my wishes so often, well someone got me a BIG deep fryer for Christmas. I don't know what it looks like or who its coming from but when I told my dad he hollered "YOU CAN'T BUY THAT FOR CHRISTMAS" at me and had a bug eyed look and was slack jawed. LOL!!!! Then later when I told my mom over the phone she says  "I'm not naming names, its someone your related to" Uuuhhhh Either grandparents or dad I'm betting on... I dunno I'm leaning towards DAD. Plus I have a huge suspicion that this would be a gift he could use too, by coming over and having Fish and chips for dinner with us. Just sayin'!

Bought a package of wings and drum sticks and I made a milk marinade using the same spices that I put in my flour to season it. 
This is a serious "Here take this... AND RUN WILD" recipe. I've never fried anything I just googled how to fry chicken wings.
I did a milk marinade using whole milk, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and creole spices. Made it nice and strong and soaked the wings in a ziplock with as little air in the bag as possible

I let them marinate for 2 hours in the fridge and then let it come to room temp for one hour.

I stuck all purpose flour in a paper bag with the same seasonings I used in the milk marinade. I floured 2 at a time and fried them two at a time. 

Fry at 390 degrees for 5 1/2 minutes
These came out so tasty! A perfect savory moist wing, I really want some more....
I covered it in BBQ sauce and mayonnaise (I'm weird like that) and put it over some white rice.
This may be the last post until next week

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  1. We have a big deep fryer and the first few weeks we had it, we were like "what else can we fry?"

    It now is in the basement, but does make appearances pretty often - I love how it holds a temperature so well so the food doesn't taste greasy at all.

    Happy New Year!


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