Monday, April 11, 2011

It's Spring! Time for Coconut Cake!

How can this not be calling your name...? It's super easy too! I love this cake or many reasons, the #1 is that its so tasty and easy to make. This is such a big deal to me because 3 years ago I made Alton Brown's Coconut Cake recipe. Yes, it was good but all the time consuming ingredient prep made it a big F in my book. It took me like 2 hours to get everything together not to mention I saved time by buying coconut infused vodka. This recipe is way better and for people that have a texture problem with coconut still get the flavor AND can push the coconut topping off the cake if they feel like it (That would be me on occasion btw lol). Personally I have made this my go to cake recipe because it really is best after 2-3 days, and I NEVER eat anything after 3 days, obviously this cake is an exception. AMAZING and what better time to make this than for Easter. 
Warning: You must keep this in the fridge when not consuming/inhaling it because of the coconut topping.
You need one box of cake mix (make it the way it says to on the box)
1/2 container of cool whip
8 oz sour cream
1 vanilla bean 
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup cup sweetened coconut flakes
Get your cake mix, mixed and in the oven. Follow the direction on the box for mixing and cooking. I used a butter cake mix. I used a left over Valentine's Day cake pan and my cake over flowed a little bit but that's because the tin was smaller than usual and I forgot about that haha! When I make this cake I like to bake it in a tin that has a lid to keep it fresh and untouched in the fridge. 
Take your cake and using a fork, stab it as much as you can, you want lots of holes. I actually cut the bulging top off my cake because it was too rounded on top and I wanted a flat cake (my cake looked like a stupid heart shaped muffin I have no idea why). The square cake tins that I buy are perfect for the cake, it fills up half way with a fully cooked cake then the other half gets filled with the topping.

Mix everything else in a bowl together and once the cake has cooled you can add the topping to your cake and instantly refridgerate. I love adding a vanilla bean to my coconut topping because everyone can see the little black specks when given a piece of cake and it makes your cake look extra special.
Messy counter top!! You will want about 1 1/2 inch thickness in your topping, through the 2-3 days you let it sit in the fridge the topping will seep through with its lovely flavors and make a delicious dense (NOT WET) cake and you will need all the topping even though it seems like its way too much. 

Done! Now just put the lid on and leave alone in the fridge for 2 days if you can resist that long! :)
This cake is so pretty and tasty, my mom used to make a bunny cake at Easter and made a normal vanilla cake with vanilla icing and added licorice and jelly beans and green coconut flakes to her cake to give the bunny a face. Just an idea to do something with the kids


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  1. My birthday is July 22nd and I am hoping someone makes this cake for me! It looks and sounds fabulous by the way.


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